Most items purchased from sellers listed on Western Cakes & are returnable within the return window, except those that are explicitly identified as not returnable.

General Returns Policy

  1. Products are returnable within the applicable return window if you’ve received them in a condition that is physically damaged, has missing parts or accessories is defective, or different from their description on the product detail page on
  2. The return will be processed only if:
    • it is determined that the product was not damaged while in your possession;
    • the product is not different from what was shipped to you;
    • The product is returned in original condition (with brand’s/manufacturer's box, MRP tag intact, user manual, warranty card, and all the accessories therein).
  3. Products may not be eligible for return in some cases, including cases of buyer's remorse such as incorrect model or color of the product ordered or incorrect product ordered.
  4. Products marked as "non-returnable" on the product detail page cannot be returned
  5. Products may be eligible for replacement only if the same seller has the same item in stock.
  6. If the replacement request is placed and the seller does not have the same product in stock, we will provide a refund.